3 Methods to Add PowerPoint to Google Blogger

“Are there any methods for me to add PowerPoint to Google Blogger?” As one of the most influential blog platforms in the world, Google Blogger provides users a place to express feelings or share favorites with friends. As a consequence, users not only tend to share YouTube video to Google Blogger, but also add PowerPoint to Google Blogger. Of course, Google Blogger is not that kind of platform that can add direct access to PowerPoint. Therefore, the only method for users to share PowerPoint on Blogger is to convert PowerPoint to the file supported by Google Blogger. Here three methods will be provided.

Method One: Convert PowerPoint to Google Docs

Both Google Blogger and Google Docs are the services provided by Internet giant Google. Therefore, no one will feel surprised that Google Blogger can be compatible with Google Docs file. When publishing Google Docs file, the embed code of the file will be provided with which you can embed PowerPoint to Blogger post. Moreover, the fact that Google Docs provides the function to automatically convert uploaded PowerPoint to Google Docs file has made the method more desirable.  However, the only defect of the method is that you may lose the animated effects of the PowerPoint.

Step 1: Open the page of Google Docs and then click “Settings” button. Choose “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format” in the drop-down menu of “Upload Settings”. Then click “Upload” button to import the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Import PPT to Google Docs

Step 2: When the uploading process has ended, open the PowerPoint, click “File” button and choose “Publish to the web…” option in the drop-down menu. Find “Embed code” box and then copy the code in the box.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Embed code of PPT

Step 3: Create a new post in your Google Blogger, click “HTML” button to write the post in HTML code. Then copy the Embed code to the place where you want to add the PowerPoint to.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Paste code to post

Method Two: Upload PowerPoint to Slideshare

As one of the most famous PowerPoint sharing websites, Slideshare provides users the embed code of the uploaded PowerPoint. As a consequence, the embed code can be used to help users to play converted PowerPoint in Google Blogger. When the PowerPoint is uploaded to Slideshare, it becomes a photo album in terms of effects. Therefore, the converted PowerPoint may not be as charming as the original file.

Step 1: Open the page of Slideshare, then click “Upload” button next to search bar and click “UPLOAD” button in orange to import the PowerPoint file. Of course, you need to get an account for Slideshare beforehand.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Upload PPT to Slideshare

Step 2: When the uploading process is done, the embed code of the PowerPoint presentation will be provided in “EMBED” box. Copy those embed code and then paste the code to Google Blogger with the operations mentioned in the first method.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Embed code of uploaded PPT

Method Three: Share PowerPoint on YouTube

Actually, Google Blogger provides a button named “Insert a video” that provide users easy access to upload video files to the blog post, especially YouTube video. Therefore, another method to add PowerPoint to Google Blogger is to share PowerPoint on YouTube video. Of course, a powerful PowerPoint to YouTube video converter like Moyea PPT to Video Converter will be needed.

Step 1: Open Moyea PPT to Video Converter, click “Add” button to import the PowerPoint, set the output file as FLV video for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Profile” and then click “Start” button to begin the conversion process.

PowerPoint to Blogger: PPT to FLV

Step 2: Log in to YouTube and then click “Upload” button lying next to the searching bar. After that, following corresponding instructions to manage the uploading process. When the FLV movie is uploaded, copy the URL address of the video.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Upload FLV to YouTube

Step 3: When all those are done, open a new post in Google Blogger, click “Compose” tab and choose “Insert a video” button. Select “From YouTube” tab and paste the URL address of the YouTube video to corresponding box.

PowerPoint to Blogger: Paste YouTube URL

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