20 Christmas Elements Listed from A to T to Spicy Christmas 2012 PowerPoint

How to make excellent PowerPoint for Christmas 2012? Generally speaking, good Christmas 2012 PowerPoint is not only convincing in content but also impressive in design. Therefore, besides following those tips for making persuasive PowerPoint, you also need to make the Christmas 2012 PowerPoint filled with Christmas joys. A better way to do it is to attach appropriate Christmas elements to the PowerPoint presentation for Christmas 2012. Therefore, this post will introduce 20 Christmas elements listed from A to T to help you spicy Christmas 2012 PowerPoint.

A stands for Angel

Christmas angel

As a character in fairy tales, Angel Gabriel sends message to the wise men about the birth of Jesus Christ. Since then, Angel Gabriel has been an important figure in western culture. With years of evolution, angel turns out to be important symbols for Christmas, a festival initially created to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

B stands for Bible

Christmas bible

Since Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, Bible can be viewed as a Christmas element that records the origin of this festival. In fact, on Christmas day, the biblical story about the birth of Jesus will be told in the church or on various TV programs.

C stands for Carol

Christmas carol

The importance of this Christmas element can be shown by Christians. On Christmas Day, Christians will gather in the church and sing Christmas carols. Besides that, classic Christmas carols have been the main tune for most musical programs.

D stands for Dinner

Christmas dinner

As an important Christmas element, Christmas dinner are usually enjoyed by every family on Christmas. Moreover, Christmas dinner not only stands for the gathering of traditional and delicious Christmas food but also the gathering time of the family.

E stands for Eve

Christmas Eve

There is no need to explain the importance of this Christmas element. As one of the most culturally significant celebrations in western countries, Christmas Eve gets major celebrations for Christmas Day. Moreover, it is also the time when Santa sends gifts to the kids.

F stands for Film

Christmas film

Widely used as a Christmas element for entertainment, Christmas films can not only bring audiences laugh and joy but also teach the world the essences and spirits of Christmas. In fact, as more and more Christmas films flooding into the movie market, more and more people tend to watch Christmas films for celebration.   

G stands for Gift

Christmas gift

When Jesus was born, he received gifts sent by four wise men. Since then, sending Christmas gift turns out to be a tradition for Christmas. To some extent, the key reason for Santa to become the symbolic figure of Christmas is contribute to his good reputation as a gift sender. It is even no exaggeration to say that stealing one’s Christmas gift equals to ruining one’s Christmas festival.

I stands for Ice

Christmas carol

On Christmas Day, most lands are covered with ice and snow. However, this is not the only reason for ice being a Christmas element. A more important reason is that Santa is living in the North Polar, a land famous for its ice and freezing cold.

J stands for Jesus

Christmas Jesus

When it comes to Christmas, Jesus is a figure of equal importance as Santa Claus. To some extent, Jesus can even be viewed as the most important Christmas element. After all, the creation and celebration of Christmas are all related to Jesus.

K stands for Kiss

Christmas kiss

Usually on important festivals like Christmas and New Year, people tend to kiss and send best wishes to each other on the beginning of the day. Usually, parents will send children their Christmas kisses on Christmas Eve to wish them have a good night.

L stands for List

Christmas list

Christmas shopping list is one of the most prominent Christmas elements. Thanks to the long-time holiday, people get more time to make their Christmas shopping list. Because of the gift sending tradition, one has to make a Christmas shopping list covering gifts for all friends and families. As a consequence, Christmas turns out to be the best shopping time of the year.

M stands for Music

Christmas music

Contrary to Christmas carols, Christmas music covers all kind of music including those Christmas-oriented songs and those Christmas-released songs. Just like Christmas film, Christmas music is also a Christmas element serving for people’s entertainment.

N stands for Napkin

Christmas napkin

Where there are Christmas dinners and Christmas parties, Christmas napkins are highly needed. In fact, good Christmas napkins can not only improve people’s appetite but also enhance the atmosphere of Christmas. Therefore, Christmas napkin is not an influential Christmas element, but a necessary one.

O stands for Ornament

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornaments are needed by every house, especially on Christmas. With Christmas ornaments for trees, for windows and for walls, people can easily bring Christmas home. Therefore, Christmas ornament is the Christmas element in high demands.

P stands for Party

Christmas party

Generally speaking, people tend to hold parties on festivals to invite friends for celebrations. Therefore, the approach of Christmas 2012 also hints the coming of various Christmas parties. On Christmas parties, people not only drink and talk but also express their wishes for the future.

Q stands for Quotes

Christmas quotes

In order to make the PowerPoint presentation persuasive, it is a better way to add Christmas quotes to the slides. As an important Christmas element, Christmas quotes have deepened people’s recognition towards the significance and the importance of Christmas.

R stands for Reindeer

Christmas ribbon

According to the legends, Santa will come to everyone’s house on Christmas Eve with a sledge driven by reindeer.  As an important Christmas element, Christmas reindeer is the bridge connecting Santa Claus and the outside world. In some Christmas movies, the reindeer and the sledge are even described as the source of Santa’s magic power.  

S stands for Sock

Christmas sock

On Christmas, Santa will send gifts to the well-behaved kids. He will place the gifts into the socks hanging on the Christmas tree. Therefore, Christmas socks turns out to be a treasure collecting tool on Christmas Eve. In fact, Christmas sock is a Christmas element with long-time history.

T stands for Tree

Christmas trees

Every family, poor or rich, will try to get a Christmas tree. Without Christmas tree, no one can experience the atmosphere of Christmas. Usually, well-decorated Christmas trees are the first destination for most kids on Christmas Day because they are the places where the gifts are hidden.

Those are the 20 Christmas elements that can be used in your PowerPoint presentations for Christmas 2012. Of course, you can also convert the PowerPoint to YouTube video so that you can publish the PPT file to YouTube for sharing.   

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