2 Methods to View PowerPoint on Lumia 920

As it has promised, Nokia had shocked the mobile arena with its latest Lumia mobile, Lumia 920. Equipped with dual-core processor, 4.5-inch touch screen owning a resolution of “1280×768“, 8-megapixel rear camera and 2000mAh battery, Lumia 920 is no less powerful than Android mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S3. Moreover, running Windows 8, Lumia 920 can take full advantages of popular applications like PowerPoint.

Why will anyone desire to view PowerPoint on Lumia 920? There are several advantages of enjoying PowerPoint with Lumia 920. For one thing, by playing your favorite PowerPoint file with Lumia 920, you can share it with your friends at any place. For another, once you can view PowerPoint on Lumia 920, you can better make full use of your time because whenever you want to view it, you know the PowerPoint file is right there for you. Then how can you view PowerPoint on Lumia 920? Here, two methods will be illustrated.

Method I: View PowerPoint with Microsoft Office

Office on Lumia 920

Designed as an innovative system accessible to mobiles and tablets, Windows 8 bears the mission to open a new era where the synchronization of mobile systems and computer systems happens. That’s to say, Microsoft tries to make Windows 8 mobiles like Lumia 920 as powerful as Windows 8 tablet like Surface tablet.

To this extent, users can view PowerPoint on Lumia 920 freely after installing Microsoft Office. Moreover, theoretically speaking, Lumia 920 users will gain equally the same feeling as computer users on watching PowerPoint.  

Method II: Convert PowerPoint for Lumia 920

Some Lumia 920 users may still find it weird to operate PowerPoint file with a keyboard-free device after getting used to operate with mouse. Therefore, a more comfortable way for them to enjoy PowerPoint with Lumia 920 is to convert PowerPoint file to Lumia 920 video. Of course, neither animated effects nor the content will be affected during the conversion.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a powerful PowerPoint to Lumia 920 converter.

Step 2: Open the converter and then click “Add” icon to import the PowerPoint file for further editing.

Add PPT file

Step 3: Since MP4 file is supported by Lumia 920, convert the PowerPoint file to MP4 video for Lumia 920 in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

PPT to MP4

Step 4: To make sure Lumia 920 is accessible to the converted PowerPoint, set the output video for Lumia 920. Click “Settings” button to enter Profile panel and then set the video size as “1280×768” and audio codec as “AAC“.

PPT for Lumia 920

Step 5: Click “Start” button to begin the conversion from PPT to MP4 for Lumia 920. Once the conversion ends, one can watch the PowerPoint on Lumia 920 freely.

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