2 Methods to Make Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas Screensaver

While the Christmas 2012 is approaching, the whole world is conquered by various Christmas elements. Christmas cards are needed in the store, Christmas trees are purchased by families and even Christmas screensavers are designed for computers.  Initially used as a program to plasma computer monitors, screensaver now turns out to be a decoration. Beautiful Christmas screensaver can not only enhance the atmosphere of Christmas 2012 but also cool the computer. Generally speaking, since most users tend to download Christmas screensavers online which are limited in number, there is a great chance many are using the same Christmas screensaver.

Christmas screensaver

Therefore, are there any methods to make the Christmas screensaver special and unique? As long as users can make DIY Christmas screensaver, they won’t worry about being the same with others. In fact, users can simply create Christmas screensavers from Christmas PowerPoint. In this way, one can both get the nice Christmas screensaver and enjoy good Christmas presentation.  Therefore, two methods will be covered to guide users make Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas screensaver.

Method One: Convert Christmas PowerPoint to photos

Windows systems above Windows 7 enable users to set multiple photos as screensavers. Therefore, once users can convert Christmas PowerPoint to photos, they can simple make Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas screensaver. Luckily, with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, users can easily manage the conversion from PowerPoint to photos.

Step 1: Open the Christmas PowerPoint, click “File” button and choose “Save As” option in the drop-down menu. Then choose “Every Slide” button in the dialog-box to export every PowerPoint slide as GIF image.

PowerPoint to GIF

Step 2: Return to the desktop, right click the mouse, choose “Personalize” option in the drop-down menu to enter into Personalization panel and click “Screen Saver” icon.

Choose Screen Saver icon

Step 3: Choose “Photo” option in the drop-down menu of “Screen saver” and then click “Settings” button to enter into corresponding panel.

Choose Photos option

Step 4: Click “Brower” button to import the folder where the photos of Christmas PowerPoint slides rest, then click “OK” button. After that, the Christmas PowerPoint has been made as a Christmas screensaver.

Import photos from folder

Method Two: Convert PowerPoint to WMV video

With a professional plug-in for Windows 7 named Video Screensaver, users are allowed to make WMV video as Christmas screensaver. Therefore, to make Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas screensaver, users can convert the PowerPoint presentation to a WMV video.  To this extent, they can either refer to PowerPoint 2010 or PPT converters like Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter, open it and then click “Add” icon to import the Christmas PowerPoint for further conversion.

Import the PowerPoint file

Step 2: To manage the conversion from Christmas PowerPoint to a WMV video, set the output format as WMV in the drop-down menu of “Profile”.

Convert PowerPoint to WMV

Step 3: Click “Customize” button, choose “Timing” tab and then set the transition time of each slide with corresponding box.

Customize the transition time of slides

Step 4: After all those steps, click “Start” button to begin the conversion from PowerPoint to WNV video. As the conversion ends, users can easily make the Christmas PowerPoint a Christmas screensaver with Video Screensaver.

Import the WMV file

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