2 Methods to Burn PowerPoint to DVD on Mac


I have a PowerPoint presentation (Mac) that I’d like to burn onto a DVD disc, so that it will be able to play on TV with a DVD player or projector. How can I burn PowerPoint to DVD on Mac?


Since Microsoft PowerPoint for mac has not such “Save as DVD” function and there is no PowerPoint to DVD Burner for Mac currently, we may get the PowerPoint to DVD disc on Mac in the following 2 methods.

Method 1: Burn PowerPoint to DVD using iDVD

As you know, iDVD is an application for you to burn movies and photo slideshows to DVD. PowerPoint formats are not supported. So before you can import PowerPoint to iDVD, you should either save PowerPoint as QuickTime movie or save PowerPoint as pictures.

Save PowerPoint as QuickTime movie

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac allows you to save PowerPoint as QuickTime movie directly. Click “File” on the ribbon and choose “Save as Movie” in the drop-down menu. Then in the “Movie Settings” tab, you can adjust the output movie parameters like video size, quality, slide transitions, background soundtrack, etc.

If you want to learn more, see more about saving Mac PowerPoint to QuickTime movie.

Note: The animation and most transition effects of the original PowerPoint file is not saved in the QuickTime movie.

Then you can send your movie to the “Media Browser” in iMovie and then burn PowerPoint to DVD in iDVD.

Save PowerPoint as pictures

In this way, you will need the help of iPhoto, which is designed to manage the digital photos on Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Select all the slides in the presentation thumbnail view, type Command + P (print). In the Print window, click on the PDF button and select “Save PDF to iPhoto”. That will create a JPG version of each slide for importing to iDVD. Then in iPhoto, select all of the imported slides and use the “Share → iDVD” menu option. This will create a slideshow in iDVD that is comprised of still images of each PowerPoint slide.

At last, burn all the pictures (PowerPoint slides) to DVD using iDVD.

Note: All the original PowerPoint effects are removed while saving PowerPoint as pictures.

Method 2: PowerPoint to DVD Burner

If the animation effects are indispensable in your PowerPoint presentation, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner would be your best choice, which can burn PowerPoint to standard DVD formats with all PowerPoint effects. You can batch burn PowerPoint to DVD disc using Moyea. Powerful but easy to use, in 4 steps you can burn PowerPoint to DVD disc. (1). Run the program and click “Import” to add PowerPoint files. (2). Choose “Create Standard DVD” and then set DVD options. (3) Create DVD menu, background music or logo if you want. (4). Burn PowerPoint to DVD on Mac.

If you like this idea, you can run PowerPoint to DVD burner on Mac with help of Parallels for Mac.

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