2 Free Methods to Publish PowerPoint to YouTube

As the most influential and well-named video sharing platforms, YouTube has become more and more important in our daily life. It is no exaggeration to say that thousands of uploads will be sent to YouTube every second. In fact, due to the popularization of YouTube, people are not only desire to share movie clips or recorded videos on YouTube, but also photos and even PowerPoint presentations. Therefore, here comes the problem: How can users publish PowerPoint to YouTube? Of course, PowerPoint is definitely excluded in the list of YouTube friendly files. Then is it impossible to publish PowerPoint to YouTube? The answer is negative.

For users who have tried to publish PowerPoint to YouTube, they know where the core issue lies.  Uploading PowerPoint to YouTube is not hard but making them playable is. Therefore, to share PowerPoint with friends on YouTube, one needs to figure out a way to convert the PPT files to YouTube friendly videos.  Since most tools that can convert PowerPoint to video are not provided for free, it is not an easy task for users to get free methods to publish PowerPoint to YouTube. Therefore, two free methods on converting PowerPoint to YouTube video will be covered here.

Method One: Record PowerPoint with Screen-O-Matic

Though it’s hard to get a converter to help users publish PowerPoint to YouTube, it’s much easier to find a screen recorder to manage it. As a free and powerful screen recorder, Screen-O-Matic allows users to record all the contents of the PowerPoint and then publish the recorded videos to YouTube automatically. Of course, the recorder won’t allow users to add background music to the PowerPoint file. Therefore, after publishing the PPT to YouTube, users may still get a silent movie.

Step 1: Download and launch Screen-O-Matic, start the screen recorder and open PowerPoint file. Then adjust the recording window to the size of the PowerPoint file. For example, when view the PowerPoint in full screen mode, record the video in full screen mode.

Specify recording area

Step 2: Click “Start” button to start the recording and then begin to view the PPT file. As the presentation ends, click “Done” button to finish the recording process and enter into Screen-O-Matic panel.

Start to record the PPT

Step 3: Click “Publish to YouTube HD” button in the panel and then provide information like video tag, video category and YouTube account. After that, click “Upload to YouTube” button to finish the publishing process.

Publish PowerPoint to YouTube

Method Two: Convert PowerPoint to YouTube video

As the mainstream method to upload PowerPoint to YouTube, converting PowerPoint to YouTube video can not only maintain the animated effects of the PowerPoint but also make the PPT file more attractive. A free method to manage the conversion is to save PowerPoint file as WMV video and then convert the WMV video to YouTube video with Moyea Video4Web Converter.  Since the method is quite complicated, users can also refer to low-budget PPT converters like Moyea PPT to Video Converter to simplify the conversion process.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation, click “File” button and then choose “Save As” option in the drop-down menu. Then convert the PowerPoint presentation to a WMV video with “Save as type” bar. It may take quite a long time to complete the conversion.

Convert PowerPoint to WMV

Step 2: Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter, open the converter and then click “Add Video Files” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the WMV video. Then set the output file as MP4 video in the drop-down menu of “Profile”.

Convert WMV to MP4

Step 3: Click “Settings” button to enter into Profile panel. Then set the video codec as “H.264” video codec as “AAC” for the MP4 file. Then click “Convert” button to start the process of converting PowerPoint to YouTube video. As the conversion ends, one can publish the PowerPoint presentation to YouTube automatically if he has checked “Upload to YouTube” box.
Set MP4 for YouTube

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