2 Free Methods to Convert PDF to EPUB

If reading is a good habit, portable devices like Kindle Fire HD have made the habit amusing. Featured by low price tag and easy accessibility, e-book turns out to be a favored choice of bookworms. In fact, e-book is gradually taking over the position of traditional booklet in book market. Though there are lots of e-book files in the market, most mobiles or tablets only limit their support to PDF book and EPUB book. Therefore, there are times when bookworms desire to convert PDF book to EPUB book.

Designed as e-book with reflowable content, EPUB book enables users to optimize text for a particular display device. Therefore, when book size of the PDF file is too large for the display, the conversion from PDF book to EPUB book will make bookworms read in a more comfortable way. When PDF book is excluded in the supporting list of the device, the conversion from PDF to EPUB is also quite necessary. Of course, if the PDF book consists of photos, the conversion from PDF to EPUB will lose its effect. Therefore, this post will cover two free methods to convert PDF to EPUB. To be honest, the operations are quite complicated. For bookworms who want to convert PDF book to EPUB book in an easy way, they can refer to low-budget PDF to EPUB Converter.

Method One: Convert with PDF to EPUB

As a free e-book converter recommended by CNET, DNAML’s PDF to EPUB enables users to manage the conversion from PDF book to EPUB book directly. However, users must provide their private information including name, email address and phone number in exchange of activation key. For users who are reluctant to provide the information, they need to figure out other methods.

Step 1: Download and launch PDF to EPUB, open it and then click “Browser” button to import the PDF book. After that, click “Next” button to get to the next step.

Import PDF book

Step 2: Select the text area in the by defining the values in “Left“, “Right“, “Top” and “Bottom” boxes. Then click “Next” button repeated to get to corresponding panels where one can fix characters, select rule set and edit rule set.

Select text area

Step 3: When getting to the panel of “Selecting location for ePub file“, click “Browser” button to set the location of the converted EPUB book. Then click “Convert” button to start the conversion from PDF to EPUB.

Convert PDF to EPUB

Method Two: Convert with Calibre

As free and open source e-book computer software, Cablibre is able to edit and convert e-books of all formats. Therefore, the conversion from PDF book to EPUB book will just be a piece of cake. Powerful e-book tool as it is, Calibre is also criticized for being vulnerable in system design and being slow in conversion speed.

Step 1: Download and launch Cablibre, then click “Add Book” icon to import the PDF book for conversion.

Import PDF file

Step 2: Then click “Convert Books” button to enter into corresponding panel where one can customize various elements like the font, page and contents of the converted EPUB book.

Specify EPUB file

Step 3: After that, set the output file as EPUB book in the drop-down menu of “Output format” and then click “OK” button to start the conversion process from PDF to EPUB.  

Start the conversion

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