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It will be 100 years since Titanic struck the iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14th and sink at 2:20AM on April 15th. Usually, Titanic reminds us of the sad love story of Jack and Rose portrayed in James Cameron’s 1997 film. The picture of Jack hugs Rose in the head of the ship became one of the most romantic moments in all movies. To honor the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, the Titanic 3D also proves to be a huge success. It made more than $25 million over its first five days of release, more than the $18 million it cost to retrofit the film for 3D screens. It is very likely that the Titanic 3D will surpass the original’s $360 million box office, estimated to be over $500 million.

Sinking Titanic

The real story of Titanic is a much sad story: 2,223 people were on the ship and 1,517 of them died, only 706 survived. If you’re going to make a 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic PowerPoint presentation, the following information about the real Titanic will be helpful. To help convey your 100th Titanic PowerPoint presentation to more people via the variety of multimedia like YouTube, Facebook and your blog, etc. Moyea PPT to Video Converter helps to convert PowerPoint to popular video formats complete with all original effects.

On April 10th, 1912, the RMS Titanic embarked on its maiden voyage, sailing from Southampton, England, to New York City. One of the largest and most luxurious passenger liners at the time, the Titanic was also considered by many to be unsinkable. On April 14, however, the ship struck an iceberg, and early the next day it sank.

Titanic Voyage Map

No other ship in the history of ocean travel has demanded as much interest as the Titanic. Volumes of book and reels of films have been produced regarding the saddest tragedy of shipwreck in history.

While the Titanic ship initially earned fame as the largest luxury liner on the open seas, she would obtain enduring distinction for the tragedy that took the ship to her watery grave. After all these years passed, legends have grown up around the sinking of the Titanic. Some contains authentic Titanic facts and others are merely myth. While the tragic sinking of the Titanic is still shocking, many of the Titanic facts are quite surprising and interesting.

Titanic Lifeboat

  • The ship was loaded with only enough lifeboats to hold half of the Titanic passengers. There were 20 of them with a total capacity of 1178 people.
  • Some of the limited lifeboats were lowered to the waters only half-full.
  • Further facts on the Titanic indicate that the ship received information earlier regarding the presence of ice floes in the vicinity, yet continued to speed full throttle ahead towards tragedy.
  • Among the property reported as lost on the Titanic were over 3000 bags of mail and an automobile.
  • Each first class passenger paid a whopping $4,350 for a parlor suite ticket and $150 for a berth ticket.
  • The ship contained a heated swimming pool, a first for any sailing vessel.
  • The ship was still so brand new when passengers boarded it on April 10, 1912 that the paint was still wet in some spots.
  • Every stateroom contained electric lighting and heat.
  • Of the 1517 people of perished in the sinking of the Titanic, only 306 bodies were recovered.
  • The largest percentage of survivors came from first class passengers.
  • Even though directions have been given for women and children to board the lifeboats first, a number of men were reported as survivors while a surprisingly large number of women and children perished in the disaster. Most of the women and children lost in the sinking came from second and third class.

    Titanic Captain

  • Sadly, Captain Edward Smith had made plans to retire after seeing the Titanic safely across the Atlantic on her maiden voyage.
  • It cost $7,500,000 to build the Titanic.
  • It took three years to fully construct the ship.
  • Among the provisions when the Titanic sets sail in Southampton, England were 40,000 eggs, 75,000 pounds of fresh meat and 1,000 bottles of wine.
  • The Titanic’s total capacity was 3547 passengers + crew.
  • The Titanic’s weight fully loaded was 46,328 tons.
  • The Titanic was 882 feet/268 meters long.
  • There were 29 boilers on board of the ship.
  • The ship consumed 825 tons of coal in one day.
  • The top speed of the Titanic was 23 knots.

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