PowerPoint Presentation Maps

PowerPoint Presentation Maps

Supported OS:NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Easily edit PowerPoint maps by selecting objects such as counties, states or countries and change color, delete or animate! You can easily add elements to the map using tools provided in PowerPoint. Excellent for sales and marketing presentations, store locators, territory assignments and much more!
Maps are perfect for sales and marketing presentations, easy to customize, change colors
add or delete text.
Maps come installed in PowerPoint slides. This makes every element, state, county, country, or text easy to customized using the drawing tools along the bottom of the PowerPoint window. Maps are perfect for developing sales and marketing territories for your presentations.

Key Features of PowerPoint Presentation Maps

  • Variety of USA maps, in color and black/white, with and without text
  • Combination maps of USA and Canada and USA, Canada and Mexico in one map
  • All 50 individual US states and Canadian provinces, include major cities, interstate highways, and major waterways
  • All 50 individual states with their counties, with names, major cities, and highways
  • Variety of World Projections, Regional maps of continents, Global Projections and Countries
  • Using the PowerPoint Drawing tools you can adjust text, color, size, etc., change any element
  • Text can be edited or deleted
  • Content: US maps (Individual Maps); World Maps ( Individual Countries and Continents); Format: ppt and gif

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