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Supported OS:NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
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The PDF editor works like a word processor. With search & replace, spell checking, reflow and rejustify, plus the features you would expect from a PDF editor such as object editing, document construction, security and much more.

Key Features of PDF Editor

  • Edit PDF like a Word Processor
  • Make changes to paragraphs and columns of text
  • Copy and paste graphics and text between PDFs
  • Spell-check PDFs in 20+ languages
  • Search & replace in long PDF documents
  • Make corrections to hidden text in scanned OCR PDFs
  • Use tabs, margins and indents controls for better layout
  • Don’t need to convert your PDFs into other formats, just edit them directly
  • Works with PDFs from any source such as Adobe Acrobat, Distiller, InDesign, Microsoft Word
  • Use the Search and Replace feature to edit long documents or to make changes across many PDFs
  • Quickly fill-out forms that you would otherwise have to print out and post!
  • Export entire documents to XML, leaving a PDF skeleton. Then import translated XML back in-place.
  • Print your documents via the PDF Printer to convert them into PDF ready for editing.
  • Hyphenation and PDF spell-checking support for more than 20 languages.
  • Offer all of the features you would expect from a PDF editor such as page cropping, annotation, cut and paste between PDFs, graphics manipulation, image replacement and more.

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