How to Email a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is a perfect tool to create dynamic contents. But sometimes you may find it incompatible with your email service, for a PowerPoint file usually has too large a size to upload.

To solve the problem, you should first

Reduce file sizes
Images frequently take up a lot of space in PowerPoint that leads to great difficulty in emailing. Then it should be the first step that you reduce the size of a PowerPoint file. This can be done with related tools in PowerPoint.

a. Turn off Fast Saves. This will mean that any changes you make, such as deleting a slide, will get instantly reflected in the file size. Select Tools > Options > Save and untick the box that says Allow fast saves.

b. Use the built-in compression tool of PowerPoint. This tool can be found on the Picture Toolbar. To turn on the Picture Toolbar you select View > Toolbars > Picture. To compress the size of a picture, simply click on the picture and then press the Compress Pictures button on the Picture Toolbar (5th button from the right). The alternative is to right click on a picture and then press the compress button.

Note: You can play around with the settings but we generally use All pictures in the document and Print resolution and tick both of the options. This keeps the picture quality to a high level but reduces file size.

After you have compressed the pictures in the presentation, try the following tips if you still find that you are having problems sending a file:

1. Split the presentation into two or more files. So you can send the smaller PowerPoint segments in twice or more times.

2. Send it through a large email service. Recommended: YouSendIt ( The email service allows you to send a 25-MB file with no problem.

3. Stick it onto a CD or memory. Stick and send it in the post he third method (and the one that often works the best) is to. The disadvantage is that it usually gets there within a couple of days.

4. Save it onto video or DVD. This method works well when you are to send a video-embedded presentation. Because it can avoid the loss of audio and video clips during emailing. It is also beneficial to prevent the sent presentation from unwanted modification. Related tools: Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro (convert PowerPoint to DVD and video), Leawo PowerPoint to DVD

OK, now you must get a clear idea of emailing PowerPoint presentations. Why not have a try with these tips?

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