How to Burn PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) to CD or DVD

Many a time, there are people on Yahoo Answers asking this question: how to burn/convert a PowerPoint presentation for a coming anniversary, business event, class or commencement to CD/DVD? They want the PPT presentation, often containing vibrant elements like animation, transition, music or movie clips, to keep complete when burning to a CD or DVD as it was.

The answer to the question depends on where the PowerPoint presentation is going to playback.

1. Suppose the terminal remains a computer.

You would not email a PowerPoint file because there is no Internet connection on the computer where you are going to deliver it, or because you are afraid of data loss during emailing. Instead, you would consider a safer way – save all the data in the PowerPoint file to a CD and move it to another computer where you will deliver it. In that case, you can try one of these methods:

a) Take MS PowerPoint “Package for CD” (in Office 2007) or “Pack and Go” (in Office 2003)

Package for CD in MS PowerPoint 2007

The “Package for CD” or “Pack and Go” feature allows you to copy your presentation, whether including audio or video or hyperlink files or not, together with a Microsoft Office PPT PowerPoint Viewer to an optical disk like CD and DVD, a USB flash drive or a network location. The presentation copied to CD or DVD is good for distributing to a computer that running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later even without PowerPoint. However, if you use the Package feature to transfer a presentation to a computer with OS other than that, e.g. an earlier Windows 98 OS, or a different Mac OS, then a compatibility problem may occur. To avoid that problem, try to

b) Convert the PowerPoint file to video and connect it to CD

Video is a universal format that accommodates to any computer, whatever an earlier Windows or a Mac. For an extensive access of your presentation, you may turn it to CD-video using the professional conversion program Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

The total conversion is a three-step process: Launch the PowerPoint to video program and input the presentation(s) to convert, select the output format to “Video-CD Format (*.dat)“, and start the conversion.

convert PowerPoint to video CD format

A minute or two, you can get a CD-ready video retaining all the original PowerPoint elements, completed with animations, sounds and movie clips. Then connect the video to a CD so that you can take it to any computer with ease.

2. Suppose the end-device of your presentation is a CD player or a DVD player attached to TV.

A CD/DVD player cannot play a PowerPoint file. If you would like to reuse a favorite music file from a PowerPoint presentation for playback on a CD player, you need to extract the audio and record to a CD. If you want to share an amazing presentation with family or friends on a big screen TV, you have to convert it to an appreciate format – DVD. Because even if you copy the presentation to a DVD using the mentioned Pack and Go feature, the DVD presentation won’t play on a DVD player, for it is only a data DVD that only applies to a computer. To play the presentation on a DVD player attached to TV, you should turn it to a real video DVD that supportable.

To make such a video DVD, you can rely on a screen recorder like Camtasia Studio. Alternatively, take Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, a dedicated PowerPoint to DVD converter with more competitive price and effective performance. It is a mix of dual use – aids to burn PowerPoint to DVD and to convert PowerPoint to video (including audio extracting). The PowerPoint to DVD and video converter features a 100% preserve of original animations, transitions, sounds and movie clips, a variety of DVD menus for remote control on screen, a free insertion of watermarks, sound tracks and voice narrations, and a built-in burning engine to burn a presentation onto a DVD.

Below is a brief how-to of the PPT to DVD burner.

I. Download and install Moyea PPT to DVD Burner on your computer. After installation, run it and import the PowerPoint file to convert.

II. Go to Options, and do one of the following:

  • To extract the audio from your presentation or create a video copy of the presentation for playback on a CD player, select the Convert to Video file option. Go to Burn, click Start to begin extracting the audio from the presentation.

Convert PowerPoint to Video file - Audio

  • To burn the presentation to DVD for playback on a DVD player attached to TV, set the output to Create Standard DVD or Create High Definition DVD as required. In the Menu tab, select a proper DVD menu for later screen display. Go to Music, if you would like to add a sound track for the presentation on DVD. Proceed to Logo to add your own logo for the DVD presentation. Jump to Burn, click Start to burn the presentation to DVD.

III. For the generated audio file, record it to a CD with a third-party CD recorder. For the DVD output, you can get the final work on a disc if you have a DVD writer installed on your PC. Otherwise, use a third-party burning program to burn the DVD image files created to a disc.

Now it is easier for you to share and distribute a PowerPoint presentation via CD/DVD.

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