Hey! Have a Holiday Break with Christmas Games

Posted By Frank on December 21, 2009
in Our Holiday

Beyond holiday parties, gift exchanges, Christmas offers you abundant time to relax. Kids back home from school, and parents off busy office duty, now escape to a sea of funny Christmas games!

Have a holiday break at these Christmas game sites:

Christmas Flash Game

# 1 Christmas Game Site

BillyBear4Kids.com has funny computer games for kids, teachers and parents.

# 2 Christmas Game Site

PartyGameIdeas.com is your resource for creative Christmas party games and activities that you can do yourself, modify and purchase online. Beside Christmas games, you can also find kid’s birthday games, baby shower games, bridal shower games, family games.

# 3 Christmas Game Site

KabooseChristmas offers Zeeks Christmas games, online Christmas games along with many other Christmas resources.

#4 Christmas Game Site

NorthPole.com lets you enjoy Santa’s Secret Village custom games, which includes Trim the Tree, Counting Money, Word Search, Build a Snowman, etc.

# 5 Christmas Game Site

MiniClip.com gives free games for you to play at Christmas. Hot games like Snow Line and Polar Jump deserves a try.

# 6 Christmas Game Site

PrimaryGames.com is another place where you can have holiday fun from online Christmas games like Santa’s Quiz, Snowy Meltdown, Night before Christmas, and etc.

# 7 Christmas Game Site

MerryChristmas.com presents a selection of Christmas games for you to play, e.g. Elf Tic Tac Toe, Guessing Game, Roony Say Follow Me, Checker’s Game…

# 8 Christmas Game Site

FreeChristmasGames.com provides free Christmas games of Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory Puzzles, Slide Puzzle and Santa Mah Jong.

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