Enhance E-learning with MS PowerPoint, DVD, Video & PDF

Still wondering how to draw those idle-minded students back from a carefree summer holiday? Integrating your class with multimedia technology should be a wise practice. To engage new and returning students in this new school year, use MS PowerPoint to plan your class presentation and finalize it in DVD, Video or PDF to enhance e-learning content distribution.

MS PowerPoint Plan a lecture in PowerPoint

You can utilize Microsoft PowerPoint for a rapid creation of lecture presentation that is dynamic with animations, art clips, pictures, tables, sounds, video clips and more. If you are at a loss when coming to how to make a good class presentation, get an idea here in "Create and Distribute a Class PowerPoint Presentation", or find out more tips at MS Office At School Resources. As to class PowerPoint template, collect some classic packs from this Free Education PowerPoint Templates. Whether it is a literary story or a new science lesson, the smart authoring tool can help make an engaging learning experience for students in the classroom. Unfortunately, a lecture presentation in PowerPoint is not friendly to remote distribution or after-class communication. To share your course ideas better with eager students, you have to shape it to a more accessible media format such as DVD, video and PDF that are more flexible for cross platform use.

Enhance it by performing one of the following:

Burn PowerPoint to DVDBurn the PowerPoint course presentation to DVD

Many teachers and lecturers have such a suffering experience: A sudden strike of their course presentation occurs when delivering on a different computer. That is because PowerPoint is fragile in transferring from a machine to another. Therefore, if you are to carry a Windows-based course presentation to a Mac, or to deliver it on a DVD player attached to TV for a small group, burn the course stuff to a DVD disc using reliable burning software like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

Benefits of burning the course presentation to DVD:

  • Avoid playback failure on the end-machine due to absence of matching PowerPoint

    Prevent any loss of PowerPoint elements like sounds and movie clips in transferring

    Safeguard your own course work away from unwanted copying or modifying by others

    Archive course presentations in a safe standalone way for reuse in future
  • Convert PowerPoint to VideoConvert the PowerPoint course presentation to video

    In this era of Web 2.0 and E-Learning 2.0, you cannot ignore the growing popularity of online education via a rich set of social networks like blog, chat room, forum, podcast, etc. To track students’ digestion of a course, i.e., the final effect of a course presentation, you can finalize the course material in video and share it via the Internet. Compared with bloated PowerPoint, video is a better format that is easier, safer and more popular for web distribution. Put the video course to your teaching blog or any shared group, inviting the students to join and leave a comment so that you can get more interactive with them and improve the next lesson according to their feedbacks. For quick video creation out of your course presentation, Moyea PPT to Video Converter can help.

    Click here to get a grasp of how to insert a PowerPoint video to your blog.

    Save the PowerPoint course content to PDF

    Apart from the above video or DVD extension of your course presentation, this Save to PDF mean a static preserve of your course presentation. Though animations and other dynamic effects in the original get lost once saved to PDF, the compact format brings a real ease in delivering your course content via email to share with your students.

    If you are a PowerPoint 2007 user, you can save the course presentation straight to PDF. Microsoft provides a free Save as PDF or XPS add-in on its official website. After you download and install that Publish As PDF add-in, you can save your course stuff to PDF as email attachment. What if you use an earlier version like Office 2003? Then take Moyea PPT to PDF Converter (applies to MS Office 2000 and above) to generate a PDF copy of your course.

    Integrated with modern multimedia technology, the PowerPoint-based e-Learning software tools reinforce the accessibility and reusability of your course content anywhere and at any place.

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