Embed Youtube Video to PowerPoint 2010

You can play a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2003/2007 by copying its embed code. Nevertheless, you can do that in PowerPoint 2010, Internet’s new sought-after that turns a friendly and vigorous look at many components, the video tweaks in particular. In the 2010 version, it is neither an annoyer to output PowerPoint to video as you are allowed to save your presentation as WMV, nor to embed any online video to your PowerPoint presentation so long as you get an embed code.

This guide will show you the general steps of embedding a video from YouTube to a PowerPoint 2010 presentation. The method also applies to embedding a video from other video hosting sites like Metacafe, Revver and etc.

How to Embed A YouTube Video to Your PowerPoint 2010 Presentation

1. Go to www.youtube.com and move to the video you want to embed to PowerPoint 2010. Below the YouTube video, select Share -> Embed -> Use old embed code. Then copy the embed code from the Embed Field to your clipboard. It would be displayed like below:


2. Return to the PowerPoint 2010 presentation in editing. Go to the slide from which you want to play the YouTube video. Select Insert -> Video -> Video from Web Site….

3. When the Insert Video From Online Video Site dialogue box appear, paste the Youtube embed code to the blank and click Insert.

IMPORTANT: The embed code method for inserting a Youtube video won’t work out when you use the Insert Media Clip button on a slide. You can only embed a YouTube video with the Video button in the ribbon.

4. Then a black rectangle object is displayed, indicating that the YouTube video is embedded.

5. To view the video, press F5 or click Slide Show -> Start Slide Show > From Current Slide. You will see the video with playback options and a controller bar, the same as it is shown in the YouTube. Click the Play button to start the video as you do in YouTube.

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