DIY Easter Eggs: 10 Beautiful Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas

Posted By Jane on April 5, 2012
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Generally, Easter is known as a celebration of Christ’s rising, but this holiday also has pagan origins. Where did the colored eggs, cute little bunnies and baby chicks come from?

Easter falls in the spring, the yearly time of renewal, when the earth renews itself after a long, cold winter. The word Easter comes to us from the Norsemen’s Eostur, Eastar, Ostara, and Ostar, and the pagan goddess Eostre, all of which involve the season of the growing sun and new birth. The Easter Bunny arose originally as a symbol of fertility, due to the rapid reproduction habits of the hare and rabbit.

The ancient Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, and Hindus all believed the world began with an enormous egg, thus the egg is regarded as a symbol of new life. The particulars may vary, but most cultures around the world use the egg as a symbol of new life and rebirth.

Anyhow, Easter eggs are quite popular during Easter celebrations and decorating hard-boiled Easter eggs has become a must-do, especially when you have kids. To celebrate the coming Easter 2012, we collected these beautiful Easter eggs decoration ideas, hope you get some inspirations from them. All of the supplies are available from the supermarket and craft store. Try and decorate Easter eggs yourself. Don’t forget to share your Easter eggs decorations with us.

Easter eggs decoration idea 1:

Easter eggs decoration idea-1

Easter eggs decoration idea 2:

Easter eggs decoration idea-2

Easter eggs decoration idea 3:

Easter eggs decoration idea-3

Easter eggs decoration idea 4:

Easter eggs decoration idea-4

Easter eggs decoration idea 5:

Easter eggs decoration idea-5

Easter eggs decoration idea 6:

Easter eggs decoration idea-6

Easter eggs decoration idea 7:

Easter eggs decoration idea-7

Easter eggs decoration idea 8:

Easter eggs decoration idea-8

Easter eggs decoration idea 9:

Easter eggs decoration idea-9

Easter eggs decoration idea 10:

Easter eggs decoration idea-10

Easter eggs decoration idea 11:

Easter eggs decoration idea-11

Happy Easter 2012!

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