Create Christmas Video/DVD Family Tree with PowerPoint

Posted By Frank on December 8, 2009
in Our Holiday

Christmas is right at the corner. Are you ready to create a warm memory of family joy on the special holiday? You can make a PowerPoint family tree and convert it to video/DVD to present your family history and ancestry with younger generations.

Let’s see how to create a Christmas Video/DVD Family Tree with PowerPoint. It must make big sense to have one on Christmas, the grand occasion for family reunion, and you can drill your PowerPoint skills to make a compelling family tree using charts.

Create Christmas Family Tree Video/DVD with PowerPoint

* The following steps are made on a PowerPoint 2010 beta program.

1. Choose Organizational Charts

  • a. Open your PowerPoint. By default, the first slide is the title slide where you can type in a name and sub title for the Christmas Family tree.
  • b. In the upper left corner of Home Ribbon, click New Slide. Choose a slide theme that allows you to add in SmartArt, e.g. Title and Content, Two Content, Comparison, etc.
  • Chrismast Family Tree Title Slide

  • c. Click the Insert SmartArt Graphic icon.
  • d. In the pop-up Choose a SmartArt Graphic interface, point to Hierarchy from the left column, and select a hierarchy organizational chart that fits your family tree. You can also choose a chart layout from other SmartArt categories like List, Process, Cycle, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid and Picture.
  • choose-smartart-grafic-for-christmas-powerpoint-family-tree

    2. Add info for Christmas Family Tree

    In the chart you’ve selected, type in the exact family info of yours. As usual, enter the names of the oldest living relative and his companion into the first text box. Then add the next generation of the couple to the boxes in the second level box(s). Enter the names of their children in the subordinate boxes.


    Manage shapes in your Christmas Family Tree

  • To add a box for another offspring, right-click on the existing box where you want to add it around, choose Add Shape and select the exact place for it.
  • add-shape-for-christmas-family-tree-in-powerpoint

  • To delete a box in the Family Tree, click on the border of the box, and press Delete key to remove it.
  • To change existing shape of a box, right click on the box. In the pop-up shortcut menu, select Change Shape and re-pick one that you like.
  • To adjust the size of a box, do the same right-click practice. Choose the Size and Position… option. The Format Shape interface will be displayed. Adjust the size to your satisfaction.
  • 3. Choose Another Chart for Extended Family

    If you are going to make a big family tree with stem chart and subordinate charts, you can create new slides for every sibling’s family. Perform the previous steps to extend the family line.

    4. Color Christmas Family Tree with Pictures and Backgrounds

    To illustrate each family member, you can accompany an avatar or photo to every name. Click Insert -> Picture -> Insert Picture from File to choose a picture that best suits that family member. You can drag the border of the image and the text to make it a perfect fit.

    Also, don’t forget to add a beautiful background for your PowerPoint Family Tree. You can choose one template from the Design tab. To put the family tree with a typical Christmas style, download some free ones at Free Christmas PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

    5. Vivify Christmas Family Tree by Animations, Music and Movie Clips

    To please the ears of your family, get most of these dynamic subtleties – animations, transitions, sound tracks and movie clips. Add animation for shapes in a family tree chart, insert a Christmas carol or song to play across the whole slideshow, and, bring in an old video montage of the family to give a unique touch. Click here to see how to play a sound across all slides in your Christmas PowerPoint Family Tree and how to insert a movie to your Christmas slideshow

    6. Convert Christmas PowerPoint Family Tree to DVD/Video

    Finally, convert the Christmas Family Tree in PowerPoint to a more universal media format.
    To watch the Christmas Family Tree slideshow on a home TV with all, burn it to high resolution DVD and hook the disk to a DVD player. The tool you need is a PowerPoint to DVD burning program like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

    To share the PowerPoint Family Tree with more friends via Internet at Christmas, convert it to smaller video and upload to YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace and etc. For that conversion, you can take the professional Moyea PPT to Video Converter

    Convert Christmas PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD/Video

    Moyea PPT to DVD Burner ProPowerPoint to DVD
    Burn Christmas PowerPoint Presentation to DVD for Watching on TV
    Moyea PPT to Video ConverterPowerPoint to Video
    Convert Christmas PowerPoint Presentation to Video for Sharing on Web

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