Create A Happy Birthday Slideshow in DVD and Video

Posted By Frank on July 26, 2009
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Your Best Day Being Permanent in DVD and Video Photo Memory

Have you ever thought of making a happy Birthday slideshow DVD for watching on TV or a Birthday video slideshow for sharing on the Internet? Your Birthday, an unforgettable occasion always filled with fragrant flowers, creamy cakes, yummy snacks as well as cheerful parties, may quickly become part of your juicy memories on long-lasting DVD or video if you take the great authoring tool MS PowerPoint and the presentation-based program Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

Sample PowerPoint Slideshow on Happy Birthday:

Procedure Brief of Birthday Slideshow DVD/Video

Part 1 Construct your Birthday presentation in MS PowerPoint.

  • 1. Sort out your favorite photos that you want to use for the Birthday slideshow. These can photos of an icy cream cake, a cute puppy in a Birthday hat, a budding flower, a singing shot of you and your close friends, or anything else that you feel fit to the happy Birthday mood.
    2. Import the Birthday photos to PowerPoint. MS PowerPoint has a “Photo Album” feature that assists you organizing all the selected photos for a beautiful Birthday slideshow.
    3. Use Edit Photo Album to add in simple text as dates and places for every photo.
    4. Insert a song as background music to play across all the Birthday slides. Note that the song must be as long as your slideshow.
    5. Add an animation, a transition to each part in your photo slides for an interactive effect.
    6. Rehearse the Birthday slideshow to check whether it is OK, and make certain changes if necessary.

Part 2 Convert the Birthday presentation to DVD/Video with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

When your Birthday presentation is ready, it’s time to burn it to DVD that capable of playback on a DVD player attached to your home TV, or convert it to video that friendly for reliving on the Web. You cannot play a PowerPoint slideshow directly on a TV, nor can you enjoy a dynamic slideshow with animation and music online. So you have to adapt the Birthday slideshow to appropriate DVD or video. As to that task, you can rely on Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, a blend converter of PowerPoint to DVD and PowerPoint to video.

To finalize your Birthday presentation in DVD or video, do the following:

  • 1. Install the PowerPoint to DVD and video converter, and click Import to add your Birthday presentation for conversion.
    2. Then, select an output format for the Birthday presentation. Next, perform one of the following:
    To playback it on a home TV with DVD player, set the output to DVD (either Standard or High Definition). Choose a DVD menu for your Birthday slideshow. You can also add a logo as your own mark of the Birthday slideshow.
    To share it on YouTube, MySpace, your blog or community, select “Convert to video” under the Output tab. Choose a specific video format that you want, e.g. MPEG-4, WMV, etc.
    3. Finally, click the Start button under the Burn tab to convert your Birthday presentation to DVD or video.

Sounds easy, isn’t it? Wow, all the subtleties you grabbed on such an amazing yet short day are successfully preserved! You can enjoy the great Birthday slideshow DVD or video writing all your best moments, alone at a home TV with DVD player, and together with friends online later then.

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