Back to School Guide: Poems for Back-to-school PowerPoint Presentation

Like crafts, poem is another important ingrediant of a back to school lesson plan. You may have already lay out your great first class of the new school year in magnificant PowerPoint, and are ready to have one poem or more in the presentation as an ice-break. Now you are at the right place. For any teacher or student who favors PowerPoint as a learning tool, we have sort out a list of fun poems (some can also be used as songs) on back to school theme.

Back to School Featured Poems that you can use in your PowerPoint presentation

Back to School Poem 1

A Long-Felt Want

by Carolyn Wells

One day wee Willie and his dog
Sprawled on the nursery floor.
He had a florist’s catalogue,
And turned the pages o’er,

Till all at once he gave a spring,
"Hurrah!" he cried with joy;
Mamma, here’s just the very thing
To give your little boy!

For when we fellows go to school,
We lose our things, you know;
And in that little vestibule
They do get mixed up so.

And as you often say you can’t
Take care of ‘em for me,
Why don’t you buy a rubber plant,
And an umbrella tree?

Back to School Poem 2

An Apple for the Parent
Thanks to Jenny for sending this in!
An Apple for the teacher…
It’s really nothing new.
Except when you remember,
Parents are teachers too!

Back to School Poem 3

Poem to go with a teacher gift

For teaching children lessons,
to help them as they grow,
Let this gift remind you,
You’re the best teacher we know!
Poem to go with a teacher gift
I chose this special present because I wanted you to know,
That I’m grateful for your hard work in helping me to grow.
For your constant understanding and for always being there,
To tell me I can do it and to show me that you care!

Back to School Poem 4


By Mary Rita Schilke Korzan

When you thought I wasn’t looking, you displayed my first report, and I wanted to do another.

When you thought I wasn’t looking, you fed a stray cat, and I thought it was good to be kind to animals.

When you thought I wasn’t looking, you gave me a sticker, and I knew that little things were special things.

When you thought I wasn’t looking, you put your arm around me, and I felt loved.

When you thought I wasn’t looking I saw tears come from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things hurt–but that it’s all right to cry.

When you thought I wasn’t looking, you smiled, and it made me want to look that pretty too.

When you thought I wasn’t looking, you cared, and I wanted to be everything I could be.

When you thought I wasn’t looking–I looked…and wanted to say thanks for all those things you did when you thought I wasn’t looking.

Back to School Poem 5


"Whose child is this?" I asked one day
Seeing a little one out at play
"Mine", said the parent with a tender smile
"Mine to keep a little while
To bathe his hands and comb his hair
To tell him what he is to wear
To prepare him that he may always be good
And each day do the things he should"

"Whose child is this?" I asked again
As the door opened and someone came in
"Mine", said the teacher with the same tender smile
"Mine, to keep just for a little while
To teach him how to be gentle and kind
To train and direct his dear little mind
To help him live by every rule
And get the best he can from school"

"Whose child is this?" I ask once more
Just as the little one entered the door
"Ours" said the parent and the teacher as they smiled
And each took the hand of the little child
"Ours to love and train together
Ours this blessed task forever."

Back to School Poem 6


By Cleo V. Swarat

I dreamed I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child’s mind
And they fashioned it with care.
One was a teacher:
the tools she used were books and music and art;
One was a parent
With a guiding hand and gentle loving heart.
And when at last their work was done,
They were proud of what they had wrought.
For the things they had worked into the child
Could never be sold or bought!
And each agreed she would have failed
if she had worked alone.
For behind the parent stood the school,
and behind the teacher stood the home!

Back to School Poem 7

Why God Made Teachers

By Kevin William Huff

When God created teachers,
He gave us special friends
To help us understand His world
And truly comprehend
The beauty and the wonder
Of everything we see,
And become a better person
With each discovery.
When God created teachers,
He gave us special guides
To show us ways in which to grow
So we can all decide
How to live and how to do
What’s right instead of wrong,
To lead us so that we can lead
And learn how to be strong.
Why God created teachers,
In His wisdom and His grace,
Was to help us learn to make our world
A better, wiser place.

Back to School Poem 8

One Hundred Years from now

(excerpt from “Within My Power” by Forest Witcraft)

One Hundred Years from now
It will not matter
what kind of car I drove,
What kind of house I lived in,
how much money was in my bank account
nor what my clothes looked like.
But the world may be a better place because
I was important in the life of a child.

Back to School Poem 9

A Circle of Friends

We’ve joined together as classmates
as the new year begins…
A year full of learning
while we become friends.
We’ll share and be kind
as we work and play.
And our friendship will grow
with each passing day.

Back to School Poem 10

The First Day of School

I wonder if my drawing will be as good as theirs
I wonder if they’ll like me, or just be full of stares
I wonder if my teacher will look like mom or gram
And I wonder if my puppy will wonder where I am.

Back to School Poem 11


September is here
And so is fall.
So welcome children
Welcome all.
I hope vacation
Was real fun.
And that you’re glad
School has begun.

Back to School Poem 12

I Am

(to the tune of Frere Jacques)
I am (name),
I am (name),
That’s my name,
That’s my name,
I am glad to be here,
I am glad to be here,
At school today,
At school today.

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