6 Effective Methods to Share Your PowerPoint Presentations Online

Microsoft PowerPoint is really a great presentation tool to show information like text, images, graphs, music and video, etc. Suppose you have made a wonderful holiday PowerPoint presentation and want to share with your friends, then you may ask how to share PowerPoint on the web. Here we conclude 6 effective ways to publish PowerPoint presentations online.

1. Upload and Link PowerPoint File

2. PowerPoint sharing websites

3. Publish as HTML web page

4. Broadcast it using PowerPoint 2010

5. Convert PowerPoint to video

6. Embed PowerPoint on web via YouTube video


1. Upload and Link PowerPoint File

Simply upload your PowerPoint files on your website or some online storage sites. To view the presentation, the viewers need to click the link and download the PowerPoint file to their computers for viewing, as long as they have Microsoft PowerPoint installed.



The viewers will get the original PowerPoint copy and they can edit it. But the inserted multimedia like music and video clips will be removed.


2. PowerPoint sharing websites

There are some websites which allows you to upload PowerPoint files (mostly PPT format, some support PPTX) and share with others. Famous PowerPoint presentation sharing websites with free services available: Google Docs, authorSTREAM.com, Slideshare.net, Slideboom.com, Brainshark.com, etc.

Upload PowerPoint to authorSTREAM

Detailed guides on how to share your PowerPoint presentations on PPT sharing websites:




Original PowerPoint effects, especially the animations, transitions, music and video will not show after uploading to PowerPoint sharing websites.


3. Publish as HTML web page

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you can directly save presentation files as HTML Web Page, then others could view the presentation using web browser.


Open a PowerPoint file using PowerPoint 2007 and click Office button, navigate “Save As” → ”Other formats” → “Web Page” .

Save PowerPoint 2007 as HTML

This function has been removed from PowerPoint 2010. Instead, PowerPoint 2010 offers a new function to broadcast your PowerPoint presentation lively online.


4. Broadcast it using PowerPoint 2010

Broadcasting a PowerPoint presentation over the web enables the viewers to watch the PowerPoint slideshow real-time with you. After upload PowerPoint 2010 file to the web, you will get a unique link that you can send to others and they can watch your PowerPoint on their computer just with a browser, even without PowerPoint installed.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010

Detailed guide on how to broadcast PowerPoint 2010 slideshow over the web:




After you end the PowerPoint 2010 broadcasting, the viewer cannot watch your PowerPoint slideshow anymore.


5. Convert PowerPoint to video

PowerPoint is often converted to video for web sharing, because video format is universally supported. It brings cross-platform sharing availability for PowerPoint presentations. People can view your PowerPoint online, on portable devices or on computers (Mac, Windows or Linux) without Microsoft Office installed.


There are many methods to save PowerPoint as video. However, applying professional PPT to video Converter is the best for you can convert PowerPoint to popular video formats and portable devices with all original PowerPoint elements retained intact.

PowerPoint to video converter

How to convert PowerPoint to video:



6. Embed PowerPoint on web via YouTube video

Since YouTube only accepts video formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc. you need to convert PowerPoint to video format first. Next, post the video on YouTube. You need to login in before uploading your video to YouTube. When it is uploaded, you can find the Embed code by click “Share” → “Embed”. Copy the code within the field and you can post the video on your website or blog.

YouTube video embed code

The Conclusion

Have you tried each of the methods to publish your PowerPoint presentations on the web? In my opinion, the first 4 methods should be more appropriate to apply for documental PowerPoint presentations. While the last 2 methods, by converting PowerPoint to video, you can share any PowerPoint slideshows online with animations, transitions, music and video clips. Of course, if you have more ideas on this topic, we’d appreciative for your response.


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